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Pangang Titanium run Chloride Process facility

Pangang Titanium is running the Chloride process facility at15kmt per year capacity, the product has high brightness and excellent gloss.

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Price increase announcement

PangangTitanium announces a price increase for all Pangang titanium dioxide grades sold in the America ,Europe, Middle East and Africa,Asia region.Effective on May 1, 2015, a net price increase of $100 USD per ton or as contracts allow.Pangang Titanium is one of the largest producers of titanium dioxide Pigment in China. Pangan

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Pangang is building a green new TiO2 pigment plant with 100kmt per year at Chongqing City

Pangang is building a green new sulphate process TiO2 pigment plant at Chongqing City to replace the current old plant. The new plant will have 100kmt per year capacity of rutile TiO2 pigment. It will be commissioned in the end of 2015.

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Pangang Titanium Industry run the new TiO2 Pigment plant

Pangang Titanium is running a new TiO2 Pigment plant at Panzhihua, the capacity is 80kmt per year, it's the rutile grades. Meanwhile, Pangang Titanium also run a small Anatase TiO2 Pigment plant in order to expand the application area, the Anatase plant is able to produce 6,000mt high quality Fiber grade A181 for Polyester

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China TiO2 output in 2014

According to the recent statistics from the Industry association, the TiO2 pigment output was about 2,100,000 tonnes totally. It includes all of the grades as well as the non-pigmentry.

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The domestic TiO2 price in 2015

Pangang Titanium plans to increase the price in Q2 2015, The price will be increased USD150/mt in Q2 2015, it will be effective on 15 April 2015.

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