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The largest titanium minerals operation in Asia.

We are a leading supplier of TiO2 pigment, titanium metal and mineral and offer a full spectrum of non-pigmentary, anatase and rutile pigments in very southwest of China.

The two Tio2 pigment plants are through sulphate process and one factory is through Chloride process.

The sulphate process factory lab

Our innovative TiO2 pigments are used widely in paint, coatings, plastic, paper, ink, ceramic, synthetic fibers (polyester and polyamide ), engineering plastic and SCR etc.

We also have the specialist pigments conform to stringent global purity and safety levels and are supplied in line with FDA and EN171 and international food and drink regulations. We have long-standing experience in the individual countries and local excellence through its sales and marketing organization globally.

We offer specific application technology, extensive technical support, and value-added services. We manage the business regionally, holding leading market positions across China and continuously expanding its presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, America, and Africa region

We set high safety standards within the industry and operates in line with the “safety first” principle globally. We strive to contribute to greater sustainability in all industries and applications.


Universal TiO2 for masterbatches product
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Excellent Chloride process TiO2 for universal application
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Good processing Chloride process TiO2 for masterbatches
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Easy processing TiO2 for masterbatches product
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Excellent hiding power for universal application
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Universal application Chloride process TiO2
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Premier TiO2 for wet coatings and powder coatings
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Good processing Chloride process TiO2 for ABS plastics
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China Titanium Dioxide Industry Association Pre-submit “Titanium Dioxide Tax Relief Report for Chlorination Process”

In order to report to the relevant state authorities on the report “Application for Tax Relief and Tax Reduction of Chlorinated Titanium Dioxide”, on May 20th, an application report seminar was held in Beijing for four chlorinated production enterprises in the country. The chlorination titanium dioxide index and production cost were analyzed. Under the guidance …

Titanium concentrate falling for 21 days will push titanium dioxide down 30%

Recently, the price of titanium concentrates was 1,700 yuan/ton, which fell by 8.32% in one week. The price of titanium concentrates rose from the level of around RMB 450/tonne in January 2016 to a high of about RMB 2,000/tonne in mid-April 2017, an increase of nearly 350%. However, this trend has been curbed since mid-April. …


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